* We want the blog to be a source of good legal support, particularly for those of you in the netherlands of a solo practice. Please use it to report your wins. Or losses, if you just need to vent.

* We will use the blog to post announcements, skirmishes, case law, sample motions, briefs, scholarly comment and basic tools of the practice.

* The library contains power point presentations and articles prepared by others. If you want to use these works for your own presentation, please first ask the author.

* You’ll see in the Library that we have a file on experts. That file is not intended to be an endorsement of any expert.

* Your opinion matters until it doesn’t.

* You may download documents from the library. It is not necessary to join

* The blog is not a List Serve. Please don’t even associate the concept of “listserve” with this blog. Or its owners.

* Use of the blog is by invitation only. Your invitation may not be shared or transferred.

* The First Amendment is honored on this blog. Stupid stuff will be considered and then deleted.

* Share your fine legal work with us on the blog. Submit your motions VIA EMAIL to one of the Yours Truly’s below for consideration as an addition to the library.

Yours Truly,

Virginia L. Grady(

Laura Suelau (

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